2. Xtenda Related Issues

Issue 1: Internet Explorer Stopped working.


  1. Check the recorded team viewer session. And do the same steps on the machine.You can download the necessary utilities from the links mentioned below.
  2. **Teamviewer should be running while opening .tvs file.

Download “Teamviewer recorded session”  from the link:- http://fileserver.mkcl.org/era/Extenda_IE_Flash_issue.tvs

Download “Flash Utilities” from the link:- http://fileserver.mkcl.org/era/flash_Utilities.rar


Issue 2: “Slow processing on Xtenda”    or

“Sound Breaks on Xtenda”


Do following steps on server machine:

  1. Uninstall vspace from control panel à Add/Remove Programs
  2. Restart the machine
  3. Download the file from below link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22702788/vSpace_X-

Install it on the server machine and then check for the problem.


38 thoughts on “2. Xtenda Related Issues

  1. Dear Sir,
    it is a good solution. my problem of internet explorer is resolved. thank you
    pl give some solution for blank page for TAC16 of Word.

  2. Thanks Very good solution for Xtenda issue “Internet Explorer Stopped working”

  3. we have also this problem some times . Now problem is solved . Thanks a lot for supporting for each problem .

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